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Exploring Rhodes


To visit Rhodes island  alternating excursions to a seaside resort, the best would be to have at least 3 weeks, because the island is very rich in important archaeological and landscape sites, without mentioning the countless dream beaches …

For those who can stay in Rhodes only one week,  these are our  recommendations.


1.The Old Town of Rhodes (pedestrian) is undoubtedly the first thing to visit in Rhodes. UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest and best preserved fortified city in Europe. The knights of San Giovanni in 1309 built the imposing citadel; the fortified walls, 4 km long, are extremely well preserved. Inside the walls, get lost in its charming paved alleys and fabulous little squares, and visit the historical monuments (the splendid Archaeological Museum, the imposing Castle etc.). Between 12 am  and 3 pm you can also admire it from above the walls (entrance from the Castle) and don’t forget to take a walk in the moat at sunset. Full of  shops, authentic or more touristic taverns, bars and music bars of all kinds, it is particularly impressive at night. Old Town is only 5 km distance  from Kalithea-hills’ Villa in Rhodes and 6 from Kalithea-hills’ apartments in Koskinou.

rhodes' old town rhodes' old town


2. Since you are in the center, don’t miss a walk in Mandraki, the touristic  harbour and administrative center, with the Municipality, the Prefecture, the Cathedral, Elli Beach, the Casino and its trampoline, and the Aquarium, the crossing point between Aegean and Mediterranean sea  … If you love nightlife and are looking for an alternative to the Old Town in Mandraki you will find so many places… Mandraki is only 5 km distance  from Kalithea-hills’ Villa in Rhodes and 6 from Kalithea-hills’ apartments in Koskinou.

Rhodes Mandraki Rhodes' mandraki

3. Lindos as the Old Town of Rhodes is an excursion  absolutely unmissable:  also UNESCO World Heritage, it is a pedestrian village (but now exclusively touristic) with a real postcard landscape;  admire the beautiful white houses with stone details built on the hill and the Acropolis overlooking the village and the amazing sea.

Located 116 meters above  the sea, the Acropolis of Lindos is surrounded by fortified walls built by the Knights of Rhodes. Inside the walls, the ruins of an ancient theater and the last vestiges of the Athenas Temple. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and the village of Lindos. Don’t miss to swim in the Bay of St. Paul, which houses a typical white chapel  scene of weddings that crown the dream of visitors from all over the world. Lindos is 45 km away from  Kalithea-Hills’ Villa and 40 from Kalithea-Hills’ apartments in Koskinou (by speedway).

Lindos the village and the acropolis saint paul bay lindos


4. A visit at Kalithea’s Springs in Rhodes is essential for those who wish to retrace the island’s history and enjoy one of its most interesting architectural complexes.

Located in the north-eastern part of the island, in one of the most beautiful bays of Rhodes, Kalithea’s Springs  are only 15 km away from Kalithea-Hills’ Villa and only 3 from the Kalithea-Hills’ apartments in Koskinou  (same municipality). The natural thermal baths of the island – already celebrated by Hippocrates and visited by the emperor Tiberio – were built by the Italians in 1929 in the eclectic oriental style typical of the colonial era. The complex only worked until the Second World War, because damaged by bombs. Today, Kalithea’s Springs  in Rhodes have returned to their original glory, and are also the scene of dream weddings, even if they are no longer a wellness center. Don’t forget to swim in the beautiful coves of the homonymous bay.

kalithea's springs kalithea's springs

5. Butterflies’ Valley is one of the best places to visit in the inland area of Rhodes.

Between June and September, you will discover thousands of Callimorpha Quadripunctaria butterflies covering the trees, since the climate and the environment of the valley are perfect for their reproduction creating a unique habitat. The site is quite wide: walks along the paths in the woods and near the river to observe the butterflies that you are requested not to disturb. If you want to learn more about the nature of Rhodes, visit the Museum of Natural History located downstream. Butterfiles’ Valley is located in the northern part or the island , only 20 mn from both Kalithea-hills’s Villa and apartments.

Butterfiles' Valley Rhodes

6. Ancient Kamiros If you are interested at the oldest history of Rhodes, visit this beautiful archaeological site.

Along with Lindos and Ialisos, Kamiros is one of the 3 ancient cities founded by the Dorians. It was built on 3 levels that followed the urban grid system of Ippodameo:

  • at the top of the hill you will find the Temple of Athena with the Acropolis;
  • on the central level there was the main part of the city with the houses ;
  • in the lower area you will see another temple and the doric fountain.

The site  is large and beautiful and the view is breathtaking. Ancient Kamiros is located about 35 km south-west of Rhodes, about 30 minutes from both the Kalithea-Hills’ Villa and Apartments in Koskinou.

ancient kamiros rhodes

7. 1 day cruise to the island of Symi. It will take about 1h20 of catamaran to reach Simi from  Kolona Harbour , in front of the walls of the Old Town. Your first stop of 1 hour will be the Monastery of Panormitis. Then, you will discover the bay of San Giorgio and its turquoise waters. In the afternoon, you will have about 3h30 to visit Simi and admire the beautiful and colorful neoclassical houses.

Kolona Harbour is only 6 km distance  from Kalithea-hills’ Villa in Rhodes and apartments in Koskinou.

symi island


Concerning  RHODES’ BEACHES, there is only spoiled for choice.

We suggest you to take a map and write down the beaches of your choice by viewing this video showing our favourite beaches on the island starting from Rhodes town, going down the east coast (Mediterranean) to Prassonissi .



Enjoy Rhodes!